Training services for franchisees

ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL offers various training courses for franchisees.

Basically, these are divided into different areas:


  • Training on the job: In ice production at ICEZEIT or at ICEZEIT sales partners
  • On-site training: Before opening and during the franchisee's opening phase
  • Training with documentation: Videos or manual


Some trainings are obligatory to ensure that the quality of the products is guaranteed and that the brand ICEZEIT is correctly positioned and maintained. 

Franchisee training

Depending on the location and the franchise contract, the training is divided into different areas:


  • Brand and Marketing
  • Sales and distribution structures
  • Ice making training
  • Training for knowledge about ice, durability and hygiene
  • Training for order and sales apps
  • Expansion and subfranchising
  • Communication with franchisor


Advanced and further Trainings

Further trainings are recommended annually in order to be able to react to novelties, new trends etc.

On-site training concepts

Depending on the location of the franchisor, there is also the possibility to train in showrooms of ICEZEIT sales partners in different countries.

Training tools

Training tools are mainly "training of the job", manuals and videos, which are dealt with in detail in training courses.