ICEZEIT - The brand

ICEZEIT GmbH holds the rights to the internationally protected word and figurative trademark ICEZEIT.


ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL GmbH, a subsidiary of ICEZEIT GmbH, is responsible for the international franchise business.

Corporate Identity

The CI of ICEZEIT is divided into different areas:

Word and figurative mark / logo

Color Codes in different Pantone / CMYK colors


3D Logo


Sleeves for cones

Sleeves attached to the cone

Ice cream wafer holder


Flavors of ice cream



Purple cup

Green cup

Cookies & Cream


Crossmarketing Sleeve

Voucher Front page 

Voucher back for 10 balls

Voucher back for 1 ball

Traditional guild mark


Color Code ICEZEIT blue


CMYK: C100 M100 Y10 K20

Little Mascot "ICEPERT"

Iced By Icezeit


Italian Gelato Design South Africa

Logo auf Waffel

Deck chairs

Design Vitrine

Poster Organic


Blue cup

Yellow cup


Variety labels

Cup Design in detail

Pimp your Ice

Ice chart front side

Coolest Bag in town

Icebox Ultra Cool

Happy Boxes

Marketing & Sales Instrumente

The following points serve as marketing and sales instruments:


  • handmade traditional Italian gelato
  • Recipes from a former ice world champion
  • significantly less fat content than (US) ice cream in the milk varieties
  • very high quality
  • different varieties (Classic, Vegan, Creative, Premium)
  • Target group from 02 to 100 years
  • brand-name article 
  • The Coolest place in Town


Marketing tools:

  • Advertising "The coolest place in town"
  • Very good styled appearance of the shops and the employees
  • Clothing for employees
  • various product lines with different product categories (Classic Line, Vegan Line, Creative Line, Premium Line)
  • Roadshows with ice cream truck "APE" and others
  • Ice from the Ice World Champion
  • Frequent appearance through premium cups in hotels, petrol stations, etc.



  • very good quality
  • wide range from ice cream to premium cups
  • Many accessories for bag holders, clothing, online training, etc.
  • Branded product with the possibility to achieve a higher margin
  • long-life
  • little shrinkage
  • Salestools:
  • Order and Order App
  • standardized, simple manufacturing process
  • no specialists necessary
  • Products available in 180 countries around the world
  • "Proofed Concept" - profitable in Austria and South Africa


Common Marketing & Sales Instruments

Common marketing & sales instruments are above all:

  • web sites
  • Social Media Platforms
  • the use of uniform variety lines
  • logos
  • claims
  • advertising campaigns
  • Merchandising Products
  • web shops




Together with the international brand "Quipster" merchandising products were developed.