Our gelato - Produkt philosophy

Just the best gelato.


  • Handmade
  • According to old Italian recipes
  • With the best ingredients
  • As little fat as possible
  • As little sugar as possible
  • As pure as possible
  • As sustainable as possible
  • If possible without palm fat
  • Kosher if possible
  • As fresh as possible



Range of products


Hundreds of recipes for MILK ICE and FRUIT ICE speak for themselves

Premium Cups

We have know-how in filling cups of all sizes.


We carry a wide range of accessories.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt is an important product of every ice cream parlour or also as the only product for a stand-alone shop.


Icezeit has a variety of recipes from yoghurt nature to many other fruity varieties.


Furthermore, there is a variety of ideas for toppings available.

Variety lines

Different variety lines serve to differentiate the different ice creams, to establish a product-dependent price policy towards the end customer and last but not least to diversify for the business customer.


Variety lines are therefore an important tool for product marketing.




  • Classic
  • Single variety
  • Known
  • Summery
  • Popular in sundaes



  • Fancy
  • Creative
  • Crazy
  • Mixed



  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Allergen-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Fresh and fruity




  • The finest ingredients
  • Special blends
  • Ice of the week
  • Creations with partners


There's no better way to do good things.


The recipes of ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL come from a - unfortunately deceased - grandmaster in the ice cream industry:


Umberto Mangini.


Umberto was a friend of the company and together with ICEZEIT developed many special and high quality varieties, which form an important basis for the high quality ice cream.


This tradition obliges us to keep the recipes as they are.

Standardization processes

The recipes for ICEZEIT products have been standardized over the years to such an extent that they can be imitated by almost anyone after a relatively short training period and such taste the same worldwide with the corresponding ingredients.


This and other measures ensure that every franchisee can produce the same quality product with his own employees in a short time, thus ensuring consistent quality for the end customer.


ICEZEIT is a living company, which has its own branches, produces fresh ice cream every day and has produced and distributed thousands of tons of ice cream over the years.


This means that ICEZEIT always has its finger on the pulse of the times and together with its partners always has the opportunity to react to seasonal or international trends.


ICEZEIT knows the best in the industry, procures the best products from you and can also procure machines and other equipment if required.


The know-how transfer takes place via onsite trainings as well as Internet trainings and modern applications.


We never leave you alone and look after you from start to finish.

Handling of product

The handling of our products is also learned in training courses.


Ice cream must always be handled with care and requires a certain amount of knowledge.


At the same time, careful handling also ensures that it is very durable for months and does not have to be thrown away during normal operation.


Ice cream is a quality product that is comparable to other products and remains of high quality for a long time.


The ice cream is presented in suitable freezer showcases.

Central purchasing policy

Certain products must be purchased by ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL for quality and standardization reasons.


In some cases local products (e.g. milk and water or local fruits and spices) can also be purchased locally.


A central purchasing policy and high joint purchasing quantities ensure that all franchise operations meet the same quality criteria and that the respective purchase price of the necessary products is kept as low as possible.


In addition, it ensures that all necessary certificates and country-specific requirements are met


ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL positions its products and brand in the upper price and quality segment.


For some markets, the luxury segment is targeted.


The exact positioning is determined together with the franchisee in the franchise contract according to the market conditions.

Pricing policy

The pricing policy is defined together with the franchisee in the franchise contract according to the market conditions.


Basically, ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL pursues a policy of the upper segment in the food sector. This positioning is also known as the "luxury of the little man" - the products of ICEZEIT should also remain expensive but available for the man from the street

USP - Unique Selling Proposition






ICEZEIT INTERNATIONAL has the following unique selling points:







  • Best quality with recipes from the multiple world champion
  • Very good durability (minimum shelf life 1 year)
  • Very well suited for delivery
  • Relatively light product with only milk fat content in dairy iron (gelato vs ice cream)


  • Very high standardization in the manufacturing process
  • Very easy to learn


  • Available worldwide through distribution agreements with international partners
  • Certified products
  • many products palm oil-free


  • Established international brand
  • High competence in marketing tools, training and know-how.


  • Complete concept
  • High Margins
  • Low costs at the start and in the current phase
  • No dependence on production specialists due to easy handling and production